we are SHARA

At SHARA our main aim is to spread the loooove on sustainable fashion! Firstly, there is nothing more sustainable than what is already in your closet (outfit repeating is cool now.      ) SO much clothing already exists in the world, so we love to show how you can turn all the old into something new. There are so many ways to up cycle your old clothing to give it a new life. We have some tips and examples on our instagram, and have lots more tutorials coming soon!

Our first mini collection has just been launched! In our small store, everything has been dyed with nature. We want to continue to promote the use of natural dyeing within fashion, because the synthetic, chemical dyes are extremely harmful to our environment. Water streams are severely polluted to the point that the chemicals are killing much of the sea life. ☹ They are also extremely harmful for the designers and workers to handle within the textile industry. 

HOWEVER, the industry may gradually be improving! 

Natural dyes are a much safer alternative than the use of these harsh chemicals. It also gives an excellent use for certain food waste, skins and scraps. Using nature for dyeing ensures much cleaner waters. It's much healthier for the textile workers, and for us to wear on our skin. 

There is some information on how to do it on the Natural Dye section, and some tutorials over on our instagram page. Try it! And make sure to tag us in your experiments, we would LOVE to see them. x